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Wild Belle is an indie rock duo, comprised of siblings Elliot and Natalie Bergman. They first emerged onto the scene with the release of their debut album, Isles, which was released in March 2013. When I first heard of the group, I was standing in line for beer at a Passion Pit show when I heard Natalie's voice boom as they played "Keep You". At that moment I hopped out of line to see who this band was. Once I got to the edge of the balcony the duo came into light, just as Elliot was sending out powerful sax notes. Needless to say, I was hooked and can safely state that Wild Belle stole the show that night. Their debut album, Isles, was given that title because "each track resembled its own island" in how different they were. The album was influenced by many different genres ranging from: reggae, soul, and jazz music. This album sounds amazing pressed on wax especially when Elliot blows some powerful notes out of his sax and projects Natalie's vocals swimmingly.

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Wild Belle - Isles

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