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Deal for 6/16:
Twin Shadow - Eclipse (White Vinyl)

Twin Shadow (George Lewis Jr.) is an exceptional artist. His style is an 80s embrace of synth and new wave pop. The 80s vibe he has developed is very reminiscent of Depeche Mode's glory years. Twin Shadow's most recent album, Eclipse, has become very popular as it gained various cultural exposure. His song, "To the Top"  was featured in the trailer for the film Paper Towns, becoming an overnight hit.The goal for this album was to not be pretentious. In an interview with Billboard following the release of Eclipse, George Lewis felt (hoped) that his music was no longer "elitist." but rather enjoyable by any listener.  'Old Love / New Love' is a favorite on this album, starting off slow before a catchy beat develops. The style of this song seems to have a few characteristics of a Foster the People track with the 'ooooos' and the deep beat. This song was also featured in the video game Grand Theft Auto V where Twin Shadow was the in-game DJ for the Radio Mirror Park radio station. Eclipse is a great followup album to Confess and showcases the various styles Lewis has developed. Lastly, the white vinyl pressing is gorgeous.

Current price as of 9:20 AM EST 6/16: $7.33 + $3.99 shipping  (Price may change)

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