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The Shins are an iconic indie band from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Their debut album, Oh, Inverted World, was released May 2001 but they were not an immediate hit. Over time this album helped to define the newly formed label Sub Pop (which we all know is huge today). The hit track 'New Slang' helped to drive sales for this album new band. The Shins soared in popularity following the premier of the movie Garden State , in which their song 'New Slang' was featured. 'New Slang' turned out to be the cash cow for The Shins, solidifying their place in the indie music world and causing the album to sell at an unbelievable rate. 'New Slang' was quoted as a song which "will change your life", and the statement is not untrue. The song was a defining track for both the band and its listeners with many being pulled into the indie scene as a result of this song. This album is rich with the zany lyrics and whimsical pop sounds for which The Shins has become known. This debut album will go down in history as defining for indie music and culture.

Current price as of 8:00 AM EST 11/28: $11.88 (Price may change)

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The Shins - Oh, Inverted World

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