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The Love Language - The Love Language

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The Love Language is a fantastic lo-fi pop band created by Stuart McLamb. The majority of the tracks, found on their self-titled debut album, were only intended to be played for Stuart's friends and ex-girlfriend; however, it was turned into a full album because the tracks were marvelous. David Menconi of Spin magazine wrote, "McLamb's songs -- a mix of moody piano ballads and bouncy guitar rock -- are aching love letters to his ex that combine the emotional directness of Big Star with the raw immediacy of Guided by Voices." Stuart formed a full band after being asked to open for the Rosebuds.  Their song 'Laltia' is full of raw emotion and energy. Hearing it makes you wish you could see them perform this live at a house party. Stuart's distorted vocals adds a vintage sound which could only be enhanced if he were to be singing into an intercom (similar to how Bad Veins performs with an old PA system). We can only hope Stuart is working on a new album for us, it has been three years since the last one.

Current price as of 10:00 AM EST 5/17: $14.24 (Price may change)

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