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Drums - Encyclopedia [2 LP]

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Saving of the Day

The Drums is an indie duo formed by Jonathan (Jonny) Pierce and Jacob Graham. They originally met while attending Bible camp as children. After some years, the two formed their first band, Goat Explosion. Goat Explosion was short lived, it was renamed Elkland shortly after its formation. As Elkland they released one album, Golden. By 2008 the concept for The Drums was developed and the two founders moved to Brooklyn to begin the formation of the band. Within a week of arriving in Brooklyn, The Drums had found their drummer and guitarist, and their first live gig as part of NYC Pop Fest. The band released their first EP, Summertime!, in October 2009, which escalated their popularity significantly. The Drums were also voted "Best Hope for 2010" in Pitchfork Media's 2009 Readers' Poll.

Their most recent album, Encyclopedia, was released in 2014 after the band reunited. After initial hesitation, Graham and team began having fun making the album, "That's when it occurred to me that we can have fun with this and make a record that's interesting and bizarre." Since The Drums first began, they have evolved. Their newest album is full of deep beats, experimentation, and edgy lyrics and sounds. "Magic Mountain" gives off an edgy and gruff vibe; utilizing a good amount of distortion and odd sounds. On the other end of the spectrum are songs such as "I Can't Pretend" (which is a synth dream pop song) and U.S. National Park (also synthy and of a slow tempo). This album is a very good exploration album because you can hear their evolution and the various styles they created.