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The Avalanches - Since I Left You

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The Avalanches are legends with a cult following. Their style is unlike any other, mixing samples together to create tracks which can only sound as if it were created for this album. Their tracks usually give off a psychedelic vibe. Until earlier this month, with the release of Wildflower, we had been awaiting a follow up to The Avalanches' debut album, Since I Left You, for over a decade. Finally, we are getting another reissue of Since I Left You.

Since I Left You took the world by storm when it originally debuted in Australia in early 2000. Its release outside of Australia was delayed due to the need for the band to acquire the rights to use the samples. Various songs such as Frontier Psychiatry use different samples due to their inability to receive approval for the use of the samples. It was estimated that Since I Left You was formed from approximately 3,500 vinyl samples. The title track, "Since I Left You" is beautiful and iconic song; which had a very interesting accompanying music video. Their arguably most popular and recognizable song, "Frontier Psychiatrist", is unique and mildly terrifying. From horse noises to a phone call home to a mother from a school, this track is filled with random samples which mold well into one.Pitchfork Media placed the music video at #19 on their list of the "Top 50 Music Videos of the 2000s." Since I Left You has been and will likely remain in my top 10 albums for years to come. The album is estimated to be reissued July 29th 2016.

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