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Want to have an amazing, specially pressed record delivered to your front door each month?  Vinyl Me, Pleasedoes that and more. Each month, a special-edition vinyl is delivered to your door complete with an album-inspired 12" x 12" art print and a custom cocktail pairing recipe. By joining the club you also gain access to their exclusive store.  Join and receive a $10 discount on your next purchase at Vinyl Me, Please. 

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Slow Magic is an electronic music artist who incorporates actual percussion instruments into his sets. However, very little is known about Slow Magic, the elusive DJ who wears a wolf mask, only known by the stage name Slow Magic. In an interview with The Huffington Post, Slow Magic describes the need/desire to take on the mysterious persona, "When I started Slow Magic I wanted it to be separate from a place, face, or identity. It is interesting to be presented with just the art and experience that first." It is interesting how the artist is creating a new world in which to live through his music and performing.

The album How to Run Away is phenomenal on many levels. The tracks can be very nostalgic and relaxing; with a cosmic vibe. The deep beats and background vocals transport the listener to the scene being painted by Slow Magic. The song "Hold Still" is very rich. The song has gorgeous transitions over its four minute duration building up to what appears to be a climax but turns into a piano performance. "Girls" is a track which evokes a playful feeling. It is extremely well developed, from the unintelligible vocals to the beat, this track leaves the listener energetic and upbeat. How to Run Away has grown to be my favorite electronic album of 2014.

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Deal for 6/15:
Slow Magic - How to Run Away