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RJD2 is a stellar American electronic artist. His debut album, Deadringer, was very well received when released in 2002. His use of samples to form his tracks is very reminiscent of DJ Shadow and The Avalanches. With his debut album, RJD2 blazes a trail to bring instrumental, electronic hip-hop to the masses, first started by DJ Shadow. The use of mellow, down-tempo beats allows for the listener to enter a trance like state of relaxation. In 2002, Deadringer, was ranked at number 31 on Spin's "40 Best Albums of 2002."  His track, 'Smoke and Mirrors', does a marvelous job of intertwining jazz instrumentals and foundations with soulful hip-hop. It is hard to believe this is his first full length album, it flows exceptionally well. This album is an exceptional work of art and heart, it will fit nicely into almost any collector's collection.

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