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Inner Sleeves:

To protect your vinyl investment when storing, I highly recommend the Original Master Sleeves by Mobile Fidelity. These are the inner sleeves the Library of Congress uses to store records. At first glace these look like a waste of money, and I admit, when I first received mine I was unsure of what I just purchased. However, given that they are what the Library of Congress uses, there must be more to it. After placing a disc in master sleeve and working to insert the inner sleeve into the special inner sleeve which came with the jacket, I slipped it into its jacket and returned it to its spot on the shelf.  I noticed a difference the next time I removed the record, I felt zero static against my skin and noticed there were not any paper particles I had come to hate. These inner sleeves are crucial in protecting your records.

Record Cleaning Device:

Cleaning a record thoroughly will require more than a once over with a cloth or brush. It will need cleaning with a cleaning solution to remove any gunk or dirt which has built up in the grooves. I am an avid supporter of the Record Doctor - V - Record Cleaning Machine. My logic is that I need to protect the records I amass, might as well get a decent machine to make the cleaning process thorough and quick; especially as my collection accumulates more rare expensive records. The Record Doctor is fabulous at cleaning records! I have been able to restore many of my 40+ year old records to a new like quality. The Record Doctor leaves them shining like new and removes all the build up; leaving a crisp sound. It comes with a wiping device and fluid, so additional items are not needed (other than a record to clean!). One thing to note, this device is LOUD. You will want to have some ear protection so as to not damage your hearing, a needed body function for enjoying records.

Needle/Stylus Cleaning Tool:

Ensuring that your records play to their potential, it is important to keep your turntable's needle clean. It is a very delicate and fragile piece of equipment, so the utmost care must be taken when cleaning. For this reason I chose the "ZERODUST ONZOW STYLUS TIP CLEANER". Their patented gel allows for the safe removal any dust build up on the needle. The lid of the gel tool has a magnifying eye piece in the center so you can inspect the tip before and after cleaning. This tool helps to extend the life of your cartridge.

Recommended Accessories

In the article on Maintaining One's Vinyl, I list ways in which one can protect their record investment. Each one of those ways of maintaining one's collection can be done so through the use of a product. Below are the editor's choice for essential record products:

Maintaining Record Cleanliness:

To accomplish minor cleaning an dusting, I recommend the simple MagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloths. These allow for a gentle removal of dust and pet hair which can accumulate on the surface of your record if playing, especially when spinning without a dust cover. After capturing the dust and other particles give it a shake and whip it against a finger or other hand to shake out anything collected. This will prevent against any unexpected surface noise caused by debris. Using an anti-static brush after the cleaning with the cloth will remove any accumulated static.