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Deal for 8/17:
Phantogram - Eyelid Movies

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American indie electronic rock duo, Phatogram, has surprised and captured the ears of their listeners. The band name Phantogram was inspired by a type of optical illusion called a phantogram, in which two-dimensional images appear to be three-dimensional. The band's sound could be likened to the XX. Sarah's vocals are soft spoken, almost at a whisper level which sounds absolutely gorgeous. Their debut full-length album, Eyelid Movies, was released in 2009 and was extremely well received by both listeners and critics. Eyelid Movies hit #7 on the US Heatseekers and #38 on the US Independent Albums charts. Right from the start, Phatogram captures listeners with the track, "Mouthful of Diamonds". "Mouthful of Diamonds" is comprised of a deep beat, hypnotic guitar chords and Sarah's seductive voice. "Hello Goodbye" to you too Sarah. The bass guitar in the track "When I'm Small" evokes faint memories of the XX, without sounding like the XX. The song "Running from the Cops" is a very intriguing with the use of unique samples and Josh taking lead on vocals. They add an effect to his voice to modulate and distort it. Overall Eyelid Movies is an amazing album, I couldn't recommend it enough. With a thick jacket, lyrics insert, and photo of the band it shows the band wanted to provide vinyl buyers a bit more. I only wish this had been pressed on 180g.

Current price as of 9:20 AM EST 8/19: $14.55  (Price may change)