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The Mountain Goats, is an iconic American indie folk rock band which formed many, many years ago in 1991. Over their many years performing, the Mountain Goats have evolved into a well developed band.  Their fifteenth and most recent album, Beat the Champ, is described as a concept album on professional wrestling. It appears to go much deeper than that, alluding to interpersonal relationships and life. We are all wrestling with existential questions, using wrestling appears to be used as a metaphor for the internal wrestling we each encounter and the feelings this internal conflict evokes; being trapped in the 'ring' of life. This album is more than wrestling, it is an exploration of humanity. 'Heel Turn 2' is  a reflection on the concept of death and morality. The message of the song is survival and the feeling of doing whatever it takes to survive. The song begins gruff and inline with their normal cadence but by the end of the song, it turns to a beautiful piano piece. This album is a surprising work of art. On the surface it appears to be a goofy wrestling homage but this album goes much deeper and wrestles with aspects of human nature.

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