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Matt & Kim  - New Glow

Saving of the Day

Matt and Kim are a phenomenal Brooklyn duo. Their fifth and most recent album, New Glow,  was released April 2015. They booked themselves a busy tour schedule following the release of the album. Their schedule was not complete after touring the US and UK, they finished out the year doing festivals, college shows and radio events. A Matt and Kim show is quite an experience. The duo radiate their love of performing anytime they step on stage (and with their off stage shenanigans). New Glow  is full of catchy beats and youthful energy. Their song 'Get It' evokes feelings of going out and parting with friends. It brings back memories of staying out late after concerts and taking the fun out into the world. The deep beats of this album is infectious, as it seems to inject positivity into to listener. The first track on the album 'Hey Now' is has a new feel to it compared to other Matt and Kim songs. This song has excellent transitions and unique sounds which go surprisingly well when together. While I would not rate this album as better than their album Grand, this is a great new installment of Matt and Kim.

Current price as of 9:20 AM EST 7/03: $5.15 + $3.99 shipping  (Price may change)

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