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King Tuff (A.K.A. Kyle Thomas) is a musician under Sub Pop Records & Burger Records. Was Dead is his debut LP, released in 2008. His musical styling has similarities with Kurt Vile, Dinosaur Jr., and Ty Segall. Not too surprising considering he has played with a few of them before. King Tuff's album Was Dead has a garage band vibe, a sound which can be difficult to reproduce after years of experience in the studio. King Tuff seems to have strived for a fast paced punk sound for this album, a little over half is punk inspired. From the crashing drums to guitar shredding, this album has many punk inspired songs. The song 'Sun Medallion' is one of the few songs on the album which is a bit more folk rock. 'Sun Medallion' has an ambiance similar to a Kurt Vile song where he sings/talks a story while jamming  a nice tune. 'Freak When I'm Dead' really showcases Kyle's vocal talents because you hear a Bob Dylan influence in how this song is sung (without the raspiness of Dylan). King Tuff has really developed over the years into a stellar musician and this was the album which launched him.

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King Tuff - Was Dead