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UK indie rock band Foals' debut album,  Antidotes , has a very special place in my heart as they were a band to whom I listened frequently in college. When released in March of 2008 , this album skyrocketed to number 3 on the UK charts. This album captivated me and was continually playing when I would need to drive. As summer comes around, Foals starts to make more appearances on my turntable; their sound radiates a summer vibe. Their guitarist's use of tapping is very akin to early Minus the Bear but very unique in its own respect. Their saxophone samples give a wonderful wholeness to their songs which seem to be the icing on the cake. Their track 'Cassius' is a wonderful, fast, energetic song which seems to capture the essence Foals was intending with this album. 'Olympic Airwaves' appears to be a dabble in the sound they will be focusing on in their second album, Total Life Forever. The band Foals always continues to impress me with their new albums, but this one will likely always be my overall favorite.

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Foals - Antidotes

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