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Flying Lotus is a musician who is loved across multiple genres. His trippy electronic music is feature frequently as background music on Adult Swim's adverts. Reset EP is extremely groovy and mind blowing. He masterfully intertwines jazz with deep electronic beats, creating an epic musical journey. This album contains the iconic track, 'Massage Situation', featured on Adult Swim for many years; many know it as that song for Adult Swim. 'Massage Situation' has a classy and soothing ambiance to it, particularly in the beginning, leaving you wanting more. The song 'Dance Floor Stalker' is a neat number where he incorporates various sounds into a single initial beat. It really develops into a very interesting song. This album is a fantastic addition to any Fly Lotus fan's collection, even if just for the track 'Massage Situation'.

Current price as of 9:20 AM EST 11/22: $10.99  (Price may change)

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Flying Lotus - Reset EP