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Delorean is a phenomenal Spanish electronic band. They formed their night club in response to the boring local dance scene which is where they continued to develop their music. Delorean gained notoriety in the music scene as they remixed popular songs by The XX, Cold Cave, and Franz Ferdinand. Delorean'sthird full length album, Subiza, was very well received by both critics and fans when it was released March 2010. This album is full of great beats and dreamy synth sounds. The song 'Real Love' is my favorite song of theirs on this album. It has the perfect ratio of bass, vocals, and electronic sounds; making it an extremely well developed song. Starting off slow, the song slowly develops into a song you'd hope the DJ would play on a night at the club. As summer rolls around, this is a song which evokes the desire to open the windows and turn up the volume. Whether you're dancing at a club, in the car, in your living room, or in your mind; Subiza is able to facilitate an upbeat musical session, especially as summer is approaching. This album sounds outstanding pressed on vinyl.

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Delorean - Subiza

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