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The Cold War Kids are an American indie rock band from California and formed back in 2004. Their name was thought up when the bass guitarist traveled to Budapest and came across a park filled with broken statues from the communist era of Eastern Europe. Following the release of their first album, Robbers & Cowards, the band toured for two years before settling down to create another album in the Spring of 2008. After a few months of refining their new music and recording in the studio the band completed their second album, Loyalty to Loyalty which received mostly positive reviews. The album is very well put together, containing a few different styles so the listener is not listening to the same rehashed, derivative music. The song, "I've Seen Enough", is very well written and composed. The lyrics are powerful and mesh well with the beat and well placed guitar notes. The song "Avalanche in B" is reminiscent of Radiohead'sHail to the Thief . The song is slow and the sounds/vocals are drawn out and elongated, creating a very experimental and interesting song. Loyalty to Loyalty is a great second installment from the Cold War Kids and sounds even better when spun on wax.

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Cold War Kids  - Loyalty to Loyalty

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