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Cloud Nothings - Here & Nowhere Else

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Saving of the Day

The Cloud Nothings are a band out of Cleveland Ohio. It originally started as the solo project of Dylan Baldi who recorded both the vocals and instrumentals in his parents' basement; performing with a full band during live shows. Baldi had a very interesting method of getting his music out into the world. He would create different 'fake' band Myspace pages, under which he would release his music. In 2009 a music promoter asked for one of his fake bands, 'Cloud Nothings', to be the opening band for Real Estate and Woods; prompting the formation of a full band. Baldi dropped out of college as he saw great potential with Cloud Nothings.

Their fourth and most recent release, Here & Nowhere Else, was released April 1s,t 2014 to a great reception. Here & Nowhere Else received an 8.7 out of 10 on Pitchfork and was titled "Best New Music". The album was then taken on the road as Cloud Nothings performed at festivals around the globe. Here & Nowhere Else has a edge garage rock sound without losing its essence under a sea of distortion. "No Thoughts" starts quite distorted but is then dropped when the vocals begin, preventing it from over powering the vocals. The percussion in the song provides a deep powerful sound which meshes well with Baldi's gruff vocals. Their hit single "I'm Not Part of Me" is an extremely well formed song. The beat and his mellow(ish) vocals are in perfect sync on this song; allowing for the meaning behind the vocals to be in the spotlight.

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