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Want to have an amazing, specially pressed record delivered to your front door each month?  Vinyl Me, Pleasedoes that and more. Each month, a special-edition vinyl is delivered to your door complete with an album-inspired 12" x 12" art print and a custom cocktail pairing recipe. By joining the club you also gain access to their exclusive store.  Join and receive a $10 discount on your next purchase at Vinyl Me, Please. 

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I must admit, I was not a huge fan of CHVRCHES' original album. However, CHVRCHES  sophomore LP,  Every Open Eye, which was released September of 2015, is defining and captivating.  Every Open Eye appears to have established CHVRCHES' unique essence in this newest album. With a deep sound and up-tempo vibe, they manage to inspire and motivate as the tracks delve into a variety of discussions. The synth, for which CHVRCHES is known, gives an 80's ambience to their unique songs and has become an identifier of CHVRCHES. Their song 'High Enough to Carry You Over' showcases Martin Doherty as the singer (he plays the keyboard, guitar and samples on their other tracks). He does a fantastic job of performing; making you wish they had recorded more songs highlighting his vocal talents. 'Leave a Trace' has a real in your face attitude which CHVRCHES has been known to bring with their music. Lauren Mayberry really knows how to ignite a spark in the listener with her energetic, enthusiastic, and entrancing voice. Crank up the volume, open the windows and bounce around without a care in the world.

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CHVCHES - Every Open Eye