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Cayucas  - Dancing at the Blue Lagoon

Cayucas is an indie rock band, previously known as the Oregon Bike Trails. The band formed when Zach Yudin decided to expand his solo project. Their west coast vibe gives the listener a summery beach vibe. Their most recent album, Dancing at the Blue Lagoon is Cayucas' sophomore album, released June 2015. The guitar styling of this album is similar to Vampire Weekend however it is still very unique to Cayucas. This album feels a bit more refined and developed compared to their first in that they are no longer new to the scene, thus have the experience to intertwine new sounds and experiment with different styles. Dancing at the Blue Lagoon does not diverge too much from their signature sound so fans can rest assured knowing Cayucas did not take a hard left on their new album. The album is a great experience from start to finish. The lead song 'Big  Winter Jacket' is one of their slower songs, however the lyrics are rich and the range of instruments combine to create a terrific first song on the album. 'Moony Eyed Walrus' is filled with goofy lyrics but the sound is one that fans will feel resembles the overall beach sound of their previous album. The song is one which is most enjoyed with the volume turned up and could easily have you bouncing around. With summer closely upon us this album could easily provide warmth and excitement as we prepare for fun summer days.

Current price as of 11:20 AM EST 9/13: $6.77 + $3.99 shipping  (Price may change)

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