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Deal for 6/24:
Broken Social Scene - Forgiveness Rock Record

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Broken Social Scene is a Canadian indie folk rock band which formed in 1999. There are very few bands which I can turn on any time, Broken Social Scene being one of them. The group consists of 6 - 19 members including Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning (both of whom are working on solo projects). Their fourth and most recent album Forgiveness Rock Record was a huge hit, peaking a No. 1 on the record charts in Canada and resulted in a nomination for a Polaris Music Prize. Forgiveness Rock Record is their most diverse album in terms of style. Their first album, Feel Good Lost, was fully instrumental; whereas with FRR, Broken Social Scene incorporates a multitude of various styles such as: lo-fi, ska, folk, and down-tempo to name a few.

"World Sick" was the perfect track to have as the lead song on the album. As it starts it begins to build up, fostering anticipation for the rest of the album. The lyrics to "World Sick" is thought provoking and feels powerful with the crashing of symbols and the strong, deep bass. "Sweetest Kill" is a slow beautiful song which can send shivers and goosebumps up the arms of the listener. The track is sung in a whispering manner, providing an intimate feeling to the listener, with the backup vocals being even softer but still audible. With Broken Social Scene being my favorite band, I could not recommend this album enough. All of their albums are stellar however, I would recommend this one highly for any first time listeners of BSS because of the various styles.

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