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Want to have an amazing, specially pressed record delivered to your front door each month?  Vinyl Me, Pleasedoes that and more. Each month, a special-edition vinyl is delivered to your door complete with an album-inspired 12" x 12" art print and a custom cocktail pairing recipe. By joining the club you also gain access to their exclusive store.  Join and receive a $10 discount on your next purchase at Vinyl Me, Please. 

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Bear Hands is a fantastic indie rock band. Band member, Dylan Rau, was classmates with Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser (MGMT) which allowed for Bear Hands to open for MGMT on two occasions at their school Wesleyan. Their debut album, Burning Bush Supper Club, is their best album thus far. Burning Bush Supper Club encapsulates a rough but well developed resonance; which is reminiscent  Pinback. Following the release of their first album they began touring as the opening act for Passion Pit and Gza. I briefly saw Bear Hands back in 2011 when they performed with Royal Bangs. Unfortunately, due to an individual in my group, I only caught the last two songs of their set. Thankfully, I was able to hear them perform their first single 'What a Drag'; which is on Burning Bush Supper Club.  'What a Drag' has a variety of transitions which makes this song very interesting and guitar solo toward the end of the track is entrancing. 

Current price as of 11:00 AM EST 6/20: $14.24 (Price may change)

Deal for 4/23:

Bear Hands - Burning Bush Supper Club

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