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Aphex Twin is a wonderfully chill electronic group.  Richard David James (Aphex Twin) is a British electronic musician and is revered for his influence in the 90s in developing ambient techno. Aphex Twin went into studio hibernation after his 2001 studio album until his release of Syro in 2014. A significant amount of work went into the creation of this album, a total of 138 pieces of equipment were used on Syro; including synthesisers, samplers, sequencers, processing units, MIDI interfaces, drum machines.  The album art is very unique, it appears as a tax receipt. This album is one in which the listener can close their eyes and slip into a meditative state. The song 'produk 29 [101]' has an acid jazz sound to it and at times is a bit goofy. The pace and energy found on the track 'syro u473t8+e (piezoluminescence mix)' is unique. Personally I would have difficulty dancing to this so due to its very fast tempo but I am sure there is someone up to the challenge. 'minipops 67' is my favorite song on this album. It has a nice drum beat and is creative but without losing the chill vibe, a nice collection of his styles. This is a great electronic album and we owe Aphex Twin some appreciation for influencing the electronic music culture and developing the genre.

Deal for 4/26:
Aphex Twin - Syro

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