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The Avalanches - Wildflower [2LP}
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Dr. Dog - We All Belong

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Why Choose Vinyl?

In an age where streaming music services such as Spotify, Soundcloud, and Pandora make listening to music easy and simple, why do people return to vinyl records? Records played through a turntable provides lossless quality of the music, as it was intended to sound by the artist. A digital recording takes snapshots of the analog signal at a certain rate (for CDs it is 44,100 times per second) and measures each snapshot with a certain accuracy. A digital recording is really only storing an approximation of the sound wave recorded by the artist. Music with quick fluctuations and transitions, such as jazz, or instruments which provide a unique sound, will have a distorted playback because the music is too fast for the sample rate of the file.  A record's grooves mirror the sound-wave captured when the band recorded their album, preventing any loss of information. The information from the record captured by the turntable is then transmitted to the amplifier so those sounds can be amplified to a level the speaker can produce. Vinyl records allow for a more accurate and rich sound to be produced. Learn more about turntables.

There are some downsides to vinyl. Records can be expensive, Records can and will collect dust and may become damaged, which in turn, damages the musical experience. Static can build and will create background noise unless discharged. Digital files do not degrade with time nor based on the number of plays; whereas each time a record is spun its life shortens. It is important to have a turntable with an adjustable counterweight and exchangeable cartridge so the needle does not cause abnormal wear on the record which I cover in my Home Setup review of my turntable. Our article,
Maintaining One's Vinyl discusses how to properly maintain and extend the life of your records.

Music is a subjective experience because it arouses memories, dreams, nostalgia, what could have been, the future. We all experience life and the musical feels differently but music is a communal experience. It is through music we can communicate and share in an experience; it creates common ground. I hope by sharing my love of music, I can help point you toward music that you can share with your friends and family. Music is my hobby.

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John Coltrane - A Love Supreme

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Phantogram -       Nightlife
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Tame Impala - Innerspeaker

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